4 Reasons To Have Your Vision Regularly Examined

Many people skip out on having their vision regularly examined, believing that their eyesight will not deteriorate until they are much older. But without regular vision examinations your vision could be deteriorating faster than you think. Without proper treatment and care from your optometrist, vision can become worse much more rapidly. Here are four major reasons regular eye examinations are so important:

  1. Prevent Computer Screen Damage: Many people who believe they have perfect vision sometimes find that this is not the case once they have had an examination. In fact, people who begin to utilize a computer for more than two hours a day can sometimes begin to experience headaches, eyestrain, and more without thinking that this could be because their vision is becoming damaged. Most of the time, after an examination, your optometrist will provide glasses specifically for when you are using the computer, which can help prevent your vision from becoming damaged quickly. 
  2. Treat Eye Disease: Many eye diseases do not have any symptoms, such as glaucoma, which can quietly snatch your vision from you. Glaucoma doesn't have symptoms until you wake up one day with a total loss of vision. Your optometrist can notice signs of glaucoma before complete vision loss happens to you to help prevent the disease from rapidly getting to that point. 
  3. Prevent Developmental Problems: Developmental problems of the eyesight can be a problem for children. As a parent, you should be sure that your child is receiving eye examinations to be sure that the developmental progress of the vision is correct. Many developmental issues that are not treated can lead to dyslexia and even permanent vision loss. 
  4. Get the Best Lenses: Visiting your optometrist is not only important for correcting problems with your vision, but also for ensuring that you have the latest and greatest eye wear. Optometrists always stock up on the best trends in eyeglass wear. If you haven't changed your glasses in a while, you could not be getting the best treatment or vision possible. Lens technology is always improving, so it is important to visit your optometrist to keep up. Lenses are often scratch resistant nowadays and have coatings that are anti-reflective. All these little changes can make daily living with eyeglasses much easier. 

By knowing these four reasons for having regular vision examinations, you can be sure that you don't skip out on them anymore. In the end, you will be thankful and possibly prevent many vision issues by simply going in for a 10 minute exam. Don't put it off any longer. Visit a certified optometrist like Webster Eye Care today.

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