Four Foods That Help Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that causes the gradual loss of vision. The CDC estimates that 2.2 million people over the age of 40 have glaucoma, but there are some things you can do to prevent this condition. One of the easiest things you can do is to change your diet. Incorporate the following foods into your diet to help reduce your risks of developing glaucoma as you grow older.

Leafy Greens

It turns out that salad is good for more than just whittling your waistline. Leafy greens, such as spinach, mustard greens, and collard greens can help to prevent glaucoma and cataracts. These vegetables are high in antioxidants and are packed with vitamins and minerals, making them a smart addition to any healthy diet. Check with your doctor before adding greens to your diet, as they can counteract with some heart medications.


Guacamole isn't just delicious; it can also help you maintain good eye health. Avocados are rich with vitamin E, which is used by some doctors to treat glaucoma in the form of dietary supplements. You can get this vitamin by adding avocados to your diet, giving you a natural way to help maintain your eyesight.


Blueberries are a super food known to contain high levels of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E. These delicious berries can help prevent glaucoma and cataracts, reduce vision complications for patients with diabetes, and improve overall eye health. Whether you add a handful to a bowl of cereal every day or you use them to top a bowl of ice cream, adding blueberries to your diet offers a great wealth of benefits for your eyes.


Switching to a diet that contains plenty of fish offers several benefits for your eyes. Reducing your red meat consumption is recommended as part of an eye-healthy diet, and fish make a smart, tasty replacement. Fish are also high in fatty acids, giving you a more delicious alternative to taking fish oil supplements. Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before you switch to a diet rich with seafood, as there may be some restrictions on how much fish (and which types) you should consume each week.

The rule of thumb for eating to prevent glaucoma is to eat natural foods that are brightly colored. From leafy greens to blueberries, colorful foods rich with antioxidants and vitamins can help you to prevent glaucoma and other eye conditions while providing you with a scrumptious, healthy new diet. Additional info can be found here.

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