About Retinal Detachment & Getting Treated Via A Vitrectomy

Have you noticed that your eyes are more sensitive to light than they usually are and the problem is getting worse? Light sensitivity is one of the symptoms that point to a condition called retinal detachment, which must be treated before it leads to you losing your vision altogether. Below, you will discover some important information about retinal detachment in case you get diagnosed with it when your vision is examined for sensitivity.

Too Much Fluid Building Up

Retinal detachment is an eye condition that occurs when a lot of fluid builds up in your eyes. Basically, the fluid leads to the retina detaching from the part of an eye that is called the retinal pigment epithelium.  The reason for your eyes becoming more sensitive is possibly due to the retinal pigment epithelium layer becoming further detached from the sensory layer of the retina. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent the problem from becoming worse. For instance, the retina can fall all the way off if it is not treated in a timely manner.

A Variety of Symptoms

Although sensitivity can be the result of you having retinal detachment, there are other eye conditions that can cause the problem as well. It is a good idea to know some of the other symptoms of retinal detachment so you can get a general idea of if you have it or not. One of the symptoms is an increase in how blurry your vision is. Your vision can also get to the point in which you see spots and random lights flashing that are not really there. In a severe case of retinal detachment, you can experience partial vision loss (e.g. in one eye), or you can go blind completely.

Undergoing a Vitrectomy for Treatment

In order to get treated for retinal detachment, you will have to undergo a surgical procedure. One surgical procedure that might be performed is called a vitrectomy, which will involve the removal of vitreous gel and scarred areas of the detached retina. The surgeon can then use silicone oil to flatten and attach the portion of retina that is left against the wall of the eye. It is also possible for a surgeon to use gas or air in place of silicone oil, but they will all achieve the same results. Visit http://arizonaeyes.net or speak to an ophthalmologist about your eye sensitivity to find out if undergoing a vitrectomy is the best treatment option for you.  

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