Choosing Your Glasses

If you have recently been informed that you should be wearing prescription lenses to help with vision problems, then you may be hesitant about getting glasses. You may not realize just how many choices you have available to you when it comes to choosing prescription glasses that will look good on you. This article will educate you on some of the many options you will have to choose from.

A large variety of frames

You can go with thick frames in different colors if you are looking for a dramatic look, or you can go with thinner wire frames. If you like the idea of going with as little frame as possible, then you can get frameless glasses where there isn't a frame around the lenses of the glasses and the ear and nose part is connected directly to the lenses.

You can also go with frames that have a solid color to them, are clear in color or that start out in one color and then fade off into a different color or shade. You can also find glasses that have designs on them or have jewels added to them. This allows you to choose between glasses that have a basic look all the way up to ones that also work as a fashion accessory.

A number of options for lenses

You can choose between glass or plastic lenses. Plastic are most commonly chosen these days, but if you are looking for the most scratch resistant option and don't mind the extra weight, then glass lenses are available.

You can have tint applied to your lenses that lightens up indoors and gets darker outdoors. This way, your prescription glasses work as sunglasses. The tint can come in different shades, such as browns, grays, purples, oranges or others. There is also anti-scratch coatings that can be put on plastic lenses so they don't scratch as easily as they normally would.

High fashion glasses

You can also purchase high fashion glasses that help you to correct your vision while you make that fashion statement you are looking to make. High fashion prescription glasses come with all the same options as the regular ones detailed above, but in name brands that you can be proud to wear.

Now that you have a good idea of all the different choices on the market with prescription glasses, you may have an easier time deciding between glasses or another option, such as contact lenses or possibly even Lasik eye surgery.

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