3 Reasons Your Eyes May Be Going Blurry

There are a few different types of eye professionals. People often get confused by terms like optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist. For vision issues, you may want to start with seeing an optometrist, who mostly performs eye exams and prescribes corrective solutions like glasses or contacts. He or she may lead you to see a specialist in ophthalmology. There are a few different reasons blurry vision may require medical care by an ophthalmologist. 

Injuries to the Eye Have Change Your Vision

While the eyes can be surprisingly resilient in repairing from scratches and other injuries, more serious accidents or injuries may require advanced medical care. If an injury to your eye is serious or if you have noticed that you have pain or blurry vision that doesn't subside, you'll want to go to an ophthalmologist right away. A full examination of your eyes can reveal any damage to your cornea or eye nerves, and surgery or medicine can be prescribed as a remedy. In some cases, simply wearing bandages or an eye patch may allow the healing necessary for certain injuries. Time is of the essence though when it comes to eye injuries and saving or restoring sight.

Growths and Floaters Obstruct Your Vision

It's not uncommon, especially when older in years, for people to see spots or obstructions in their line of vision. Cataracts and floaters in the eye are growths that prevent clear vision. Even if you can still see well with cataracts, it's good to have them removed because they will usually get worse with age. The good news is, with the use of laser technology, growths on the eyes are relatively easy to remove. As a result, people are able to see again perfectly clear and not have to spend a lot of time in recovery. In fact, most common obstructions like a cataract can be removed in a simple procedure, and the patient will be home and functioning within an hour or so. 

Your Eyes HAve Far- or Nearsightedness Issues

Quite often, people may see well from a distance but not close up to something. The opposite can be true too; something close can be easy to read or see but far away it is blurry. Far- and nearsightedness are very common eyesight issues that shouldn't be ignored. They can impact your ability to drive or do other daily tasks. Luckily, corrective eyewear can fix these issues. More importantly, laser surgery has become a very safe and effective way to correct these problems permanently. Because of the advancement of eye lasers, more and more people are qualified for laser eye surgery that will restore vision. This is a great option if you don't want to have to use glasses or contacts the rest of your life. 

When you consider how precious your eyes are, it's so important not to ignore blurry vision. Yes, allergies or an eyelash in the eye might cause your eyes to not work well, but anything that isn't going away should be looked at by local ophthalmology services.

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