How Can You Help Your Optometrist Serve You Better?

Optometrists help patients in numerous ways. They can prescribe glasses and contact lenses, in addition to treating and diagnosing eye diseases. Here are some ways that you can help your optometrist serve you better:

1. Visit your optometrist every year

You may be tempted to skip a visit to your optometrist, especially if you're busy and your eyes seem fine. However, annual eye exams are a good habit to get into. Having your eyes checked every year can help your eye doctor diagnose issues that may threaten your vision, such as glaucoma. Regular trips to your optometrist can also help them catch changes in your vision. When your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are always up to date, you can navigate the world safely and effectively.

2. Tell your optometrist about all your medications and health conditions

Optometrists treat vision problems and other conditions that affect the eyes. In light of this, your other medications and health conditions may not seem relevant. However, many diseases affect the entire body. For instance, hypertension and diabetes can both make people more likely to develop glaucoma since glaucoma occurs when intraocular pressure is too high. Some medications cause side effects, such as blurred vision, which can affect the outcome of your eye exams. Keeping your optometrist updated on your overall health will enable them to provide accurate and effective eye exams.

3. Talk to your optometrist about chronic eye discomfort

Some people live with daily discomfort, such as dry eyes or itchy eyes. These issues may not seem like big deals, especially if they're not preventing you from carrying out your daily duties. However, your optometrist can help you with these symptoms if they're made aware of them. Optometrists can provide relief from chronic dry eye in the form of medicated eye drops, tear duct plugs, and oral medications. Itchy eyes can be treated with oral antihistamines or eye drops designed to treat allergies.

4. See your optometrist about acute eye problems

Annual eye exams are good preventative care for your eyes and vision. However, you may run into acute eye trouble over the course of your day-to-day life. Eye infections and eye trauma should always be treated by an eye care specialist. If you injure your eye or notice unusual burning, itching, or pain, you should call your optometrist right away. They can help you schedule an emergency eye exam if necessary and prescribe the medication and treatments you need to get well. Look into optometrist services near you.

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