Importance of Visiting Your Eye Doctor

Do Your Eyes Need A Drink Of Water? 2 Reasons Why Your Eyes May Be So Dry

If you have dry eyes, this means you cannot make enough tears to keep your eyes nourished and lubricated. Tears are important for providing you with clear vision, as well as to keep the front surface of your eyes healthy. Below are two things that can be the cause of dry eyes to help you […]

How Does Lupus Affect Your Eyes?

If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, then it’s important to remember that the way the disease affects you may change as you age and as you try various treatments.You should always be on the lookout for new symptoms that may be related to your lupus. A lot of patients overlook eye-related lupus symptoms, which results […]

The Importance Of Adequate UV Protection For Your Eyes

It’s quite common for people to not think about UV rays harming them unless the sun is shining brightly. This is also true when people consider wearing sunglasses; while it’s a good start to wear sunglasses when the sun is glaring in your eyes, it’s not enough to protect your vision. Here’s the basics about […]

The Digital Age: Easier For You, Harder For Your Eyes

It seems like everyone is focusing on display screens throughout most of their waking hours. From smartphones, tablets and e-readers to laptops, desktop computer monitors and television screens, technology has evolved to enhance every aspect of our lives. While computers have made life easier in many respects, digital eyestrain has emerged as one of the […]

Choosing Your Glasses

If you have recently been informed that you should be wearing prescription lenses to help with vision problems, then you may be hesitant about getting glasses. You may not realize just how many choices you have available to you when it comes to choosing prescription glasses that will look good on you. This article will […]

4 Things Parents Need To Know About Leukocoria

Leukocoria is an eye symptom that can occur in children. It means “white pupil,” and it can be a sign of a number of different eye conditions. Here are four things parents need to know about leukocoria. What are the signs of leukocoria? If your child has leukocoria, you’ll notice that their pupil looks white, […]

4 Things Astigmatism Sufferers Need To Know About Contact Lenses

If you have astigmatism, you may think that you can’t wear contact lenses and will need to wear glasses for the rest of your life. Here are four things astigmatism sufferers need to know about contact lenses. What is astigmatism? People with irregularly-shaped corneas have astigmatism. The cornea is the transparent dome that covers the […]

The Caregiver’s Guide to Caring for Someone After Cataract Surgery

If you have a loved one for which you provide care for who is planning to undergo cataract surgery, make sure you understand that you will be playing an important role. After the procedure, your loved one may be uncomfortable and may have difficulty maneuvering so it’s important you are prepared. Here are just some […]

Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses During Physical Activities

If you’ve had bad experiences wearing glasses during any number of sports, it’s time to think about making the switch to wearing contact lenses. Even if you prefer the look and feel of standard glasses during your day-to-day life, swapping the glasses for your contacts when it’s time to get physical can allow you to […]

About Retinal Detachment & Getting Treated Via A Vitrectomy

Have you noticed that your eyes are more sensitive to light than they usually are and the problem is getting worse? Light sensitivity is one of the symptoms that point to a condition called retinal detachment, which must be treated before it leads to you losing your vision altogether. Below, you will discover some important […]